Adventures of Rakel the pug – the baggie

“I have a snuggle-bag and its super awesome!”

“I can chillax to the max with this bad boy! Mommy made it from a regular blankie just for me.”

“Its only room for one in the baggie so it makes me feel super special.”

“Looking all warm & cozy, i might take a nap.”


Edit-Rakel the pug


Earrings – Little Snow-White

Snow-white is still alive and well – none is so fair as she.”

A pair of earrings inspired by the fairytale of Little Snow-White and the Disney Movie.

Adventures of Rakel the pug – my post

“The top of the stairs is totally mine. Thats where i guard my house-kingdom from bad guys! Only from this post; im able to monitor who enters the main portal while keeping an eye on which floor my homies are located.”

“Pluss i get mad sunshine through the window on sunny days!”

“Peace out!”

-Rakel the pug

Adventures of Rakel the pug – the Scoob

“My name is Rakel and I am the best pug of our house-kingdom.”

“One time, my mommy let me visit the land of pillows. It was awesome! There was a teddy and a Scooby, and i liked the Scoob ’cause he is a dog too, like me. I snuk in between he and a pillow, and chillax’ed under his paw. We became best of friends, even though i tried to bite him this one time..”

“Mommy even snapped this awesome picture of me hanging out with my home-dog, Scooby!”


-Rakel the Pug